Tarsier Tutorial: Using RasterChanger

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  • At least two rasters
  • Tarsier software

Running the RasterChanger

  1. Open Tarsino.exe
  2. Go to Main Menu->New->Tools->RasterChanger Form. If it's not there, you may need to load the dll Tarsier Tutorial: Loading dlls
  3. Go the first useecontrol on your RasterChanger form(Input A). Load your first raster.
  4. Go to the Input B useecontrol and load your second raster.
  5. Now you need to input the time for your first raster.
    1. Go to the Ras1T edit boxes(lower left) and type in your time of day. You can either do serial date time ddddd.tttttt on the first box, or dd mmm yyyy hh.mm on the other box.
  6. Repeat the process to input the time for your second raster.
  7. Once your times are set click the Set TimeTool Start/End to update your timetool.
  8. Go to the Output1 useecontrol and click view button to see your output raster.
  9. Go to the Time useecontrol and click the view button to bring up the timetool.
  10. On the Timetool, go to the right side and set your time step to whatever is appropriate for your rasters.
  11. Click the play button to start running the tool.

Using the RasterChanger with the 3D renderer