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Tarsier Environmental Modeling Software Framework

Tarsier is the software engine used to produce many of the visualizations by the EcoViz project, as well as a number of environmental simulation models such as Langur.

Current development and use of Tarsier occurs at CSUMB in California ,USA. Original development and use also occurred in Australia, leading eventually to spinoffs and related products such as TIME and E2.

Current team:

  • Dr Fred Watson (creator and current leader of software development)
  • Alberto Guzman (application software developer)
  • Brian Scott (module software developer)

Past team members:

  • Joel Rahman (application software developer)
  • Shane Seaton (application software developer)
  • Simon Cornish (application software developer, modeler)
  • Tom Thein (user, documentor)
  • Jessica Watson (user, test organism)
  • Jonathan Frame (user, module software developer, test organism)
  • Ryan Fura (user, test organism)
  • Jessica Riggin (user, test organism)


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