Ecosystem Science and Visualization

Current technical development team

Fred Watson
EcoViz technical team leader.
Software design and modeling, hydrology, ecology

Alberto Guzman
EcoViz lead programmer.
Jonathan Frame
Modeler; visualization developer.

Thomas Thein
Visualization developer.

Thor Anderson

Thor Anderson
EcoViz visualization developer.
MS Thesis student - phenology modeling.

Pat Iampietro
Spatial analyst / spatial data: Seafloor Mapping Lab.


Jessica Watson
MS thesis student - fish movement.
Visualization developer.


Scientific team / Collaborating research groups

James Lindholm

Dr James Lindholm
Scientist - fish movement.
Director of Institue for Applied Marine Ecology

Rikk Kvitek

Dr Rikk Kvitek
Scientist - seafloor mapping.
Director of Seafloor Mapping Lab


Simon Cornish
Software design and modeling , computer science

Jon Detka
Web, DVD and graphics support, Flash

Wendi Newman
Research manager, web, DVD, graphics, GIS/RS

Dave Oebker
Narration/ Voice-over
Richard Newman
Music score


Jason Maas-Baldwin
Student, visualization flight pilot