Ecosystem Science and Visualization

About EcoViz

EcoViz is a group of projects developing ecosystem science visualization products
for research, education, and management applications.

Our goal is to research and develop landscape-scale visualization as a means to enhance linkages between complex scientific research data sets, decision makers, and the general public.

We work as much as possible with real data and imagery, augmented where necessary with models, relying as little as possible on artificial proxy.

Our recent work has focussed on visualization of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and the research that is being done in support of them. Our MPA visualizations are primarily designed to support the interpretive and policy awareness activities of our clients. One example is an interpretive visualization for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in conjunction with the Institute for APplied Marine Ecology and the Seafloor Mapping Lab that shows how towed camera sled video data are collected. These data represent an economical way to get basic information about the characteristics of the seafloor and the associated demersal communities. The visualization contextualizes the sled video data within an animation showing the surrounding geographic area and the surface vessel from which the sled is deployed.

Another theme in our work has been a series of interpretive visualizations produced for visitor centers at Yellowstone National Park. One example is a 2-minute virtual tour representing 24-hours of real time in the Upper Geyser Basin, home to the world's largest concentration of geysers. The visualization illustrates how the different eruption intervals of different geysers plays out over the course of a typical day of geyser watching at Yellowstone. It is designed to entice visitors to extend and deepen their interest beyond the 'must see' Old Faithful. It is featured on the Old Faithful Virtual Visitor Center at Yellowstone.

How to use this site: This web site serves as a quick, one-stop gallery whose purpose is to quickly and accessibly collect in a single place products whose primary deployment and deployment context may be found at our client instututions' web sites and facilities. Visualizations may be browsed, viewed and downloaded here quickly, and at a variety of levels of image quality.

All visualizations are listed on the home page.